Social Media

There’s one phrase I want you to memorize, and it applies to the Internet in general, but it especially applies to social media:

“Use it, don’t be used by it.” –D. L. Keur 2003

Social media creates a feedback loop that will waste your life. And it is designed to do so. Social media tries very hard to use you, to exploit your desire for positive reinforcement and positive feedback. Remember, first and foremost, the reason why you’re on social media and use it accordingly.

When it comes to marketing one’s agenda, one’s brand, one’s product or service, the tendency for most is to hit social media in the hopes that one can attract visitor traffic, which, then, hopefully, results in achieving the website’s goals — promoting self, agenda, or sales. It rarely works, especially now. Everybody is not only onto the game, but trying to cash in on it themselves. Everybody is waving their hands in the air, crying out, “See me, hear me, watch me, read me, buy mine!”

The most effective way to use social media is to be pertinent, and, while, oh, let’s use the old standby — kittens — will draw a lot of eyes, they aren’t eyes that contribute to your goals …unless your goals have to do with kittens, of course.